Sunday, November 17, 2013

Keepsake baby blankets

When you work in an office with mostly women you will have to go to a baby shower or two (or more).  This past year I had the opportunity flex my creative muscle with these keepsake blankets. Neither was done with a pattern.

Before I knew she was pregnant I planned to make this blanket. I had just delivered the Squirrel Baby costume to another co-worker, and I asked my office mate what kind of animal themed baby blanket she would like.  She laughed and said, "a giraffe" about 2 months later she shared her good news.
I searched for a pattern, but but finding nothing I opted to create one myself, using primarily a hexagon motif.

It was not long after my office mate announced her pregnancy that another co-worker happily shared her news at a staff meeting. I listened for queues to figure out what kind of blanket I should make for her. When I received the invitation for the shower I was delighted to see that it was to be a dragon themed party, given her affinity for Game of Thrones. Once again I could not find a pattern. I ended up using a crocodile stitch and combining a basic hat pattern for the hood.


  1. Hi, I love the Giraffe blanket. We want one for our babies room. Please contact me @

  2. Hi, are you interested in selling a copy of your own pattern? I collect giraffes and just LOVE this!

    I would love to make one just for me!

    you can email me at if you would like.

  3. I have a terrible habit of not writing down patterns as I create them. I had no intention of ever replicating this blanket, but may have to reconsider!

  4. The dragon blanket is so unique and lovely!