Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grandma's Notebook Project 6: Ripple Afghan

The first project my grandmother tried to teach me was a ripple afghan. She probably chose it because it was so simple. Of course as a complete novice I didn't find it so. It required counting, and that I pay attention. The first blanket I made employed the stitch in the back loops, but the peaks and valleys of the ripple afghan were quickly abandoned. I still have that blanket, it is a random assortment of left over yarn that Grandma must have given me.

Many years later when I picked up this pattern to complete the sixth project in her notebook I had to laugh to myself. This is such a simple pattern, it must have frustrated her that I would insist on doing nothing but single crochet for so many years.

The colors I chose were ones I had left over from making a 1960's style crocheted dress in brilliant dayglo colors. The dress was for a 1960's Pop Art Party at work. I worked the dress with no pattern, but even here you can see that I used the ripple effect.

If you would like to make your own ripple afghan, you can download the free pattern here.  Hopefully my transcription works for you!!

Ripple Afghan pattern pdf