Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grandma's notebook project 5: Vanna White Baby Blanket

As long as I can remember my grandmother has watched Wheel of Fortune.  It has been a constant in our lives, much to the chagrin of my father.  I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that she is not a devotee of the Lawrence Welk Show, although it has been known to find its way onto her television, which is much more of a horror to my father!
I'm not sure what the appeal is, not that there is anything wrong with it.  I do know that she is quite fond of Vanna White.  I know this because she calls her Vanna; her autobiography, Vanna Speaks is on her bookshelf, and yes, she has read it; and one of the crochet books Grandma has given to me from her collection is Vanna's Favorite Crochet Gifts. So it was no surprise to find a Vanna White pattern in Grandma's notebook. This pattern was so easy to follow, and the end product was just beautiful.  I have to say, I'm a pretty big fan of Vanna, too!
Luna the Cat inspects the finished blanket

If you would like to make this blanket you can download a PDF of the pattern here.
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