Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pray For Us

This will be my third staff show at the Gallery. I decided to crochet an Infant of Prague. First I plotted out the design on graph paper, then I took tiny hook and thread and crocheted and crocheted and crocheted. Once the crocheted infant was finished I attempted to stitch him to an orange velvet backing, which was so frustrating I almost gave up hope. My roommate suggested using a board, and encouraged me to not give up.

In the end I fabric glued the orange velvet onto a foam core board and then stitched the crocheted Infant to that. Tomorrow I will deliver it to the Gallery to be hung. I am not sure how I feel about this one, and have to admit that it is not quite as stunning as the previous 2 pieces, but I hope that the amount of labor that went into it is not lost on the few people who will wander past it.
A co-worker saw the Infant under my desk, and as she admired it I told her about the Polish tradition of positioning an Infant at the entrance to your home and placing a dollar under his skirt for good fortune. I had imagined ways to incorporate a dollar into the piece, but had given up. There were other things occupying my attention and I just wanted to be done with this project. She promptly pulled a dollar from her wallet and rolled it tightly. I slipped it through on of the squares and together we unrolled it until it lay flat under his skirt. It feels so much more complete now. I am pleased with the outcome.

The Infant has been living back in my home ever since the end of that staff show. For a couple of years he hung in my roommates bedroom. Recently upon acquiring a large movie poster of Robert Forster's "Hollywood Harry" the Infant has been moved. He now hangs facing the entrance, still with the dollar under his skirts in hopes that he will bring our household good fortune!