Thursday, April 26, 2012

I felt your pain

Recently a friend mailed me a needle felting tool.  I have been almost exclusively a yarn craft kind of gal, so this was a new concept.  I immediately appreciated the applique aspect of it, but have yet to grasp the intricacies of needle felting soft sculpture.  It is difficult to find time to do all of the crochet projects I dream up, to add a new craft altogether seems insurmountable.

That being said, another friend requested assistance with a project involving finger puppets.  So, felt, scissors, and needle in hand I went to work on creating prototypes and experimenting with what I can could come up with to answer her request.  The result being two finger puppets which seem just a bit muddied (or fuzzy) to me.  Apparently the needle felting pulls the color through to the back side, which can create a problem when two colors are used.  So, prototype one is done, but the work goes on.  Clearly I've not yet mastered this particular art form!

After completing the two puppets I felt like I had just helped a friend move to a new apartment.  Silly how exhausting close work can be.  To relax I began making flowers for my Ophelia scarf (five pansies and a briar rose, so far).  Crochet feels like going home, and I was happy to be able to tuck into my corner of the couch and do something I felt comfortable with.