Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day (a week early)

Today at work my colleague, who has begun to crochet requested that I figure out a pattern for her. She had seen a blanket she wanted to make, no doubt to celebrate her Irish-ness (translation-American Irish, not to be confused with actual people who live in or came from Ireland). At any rate at the end of a long work day she forwarded a picture of the afghan she wanted to make.

After five o'clock I headed home and worked on figuring out the pattern and then transcribing it for about 5 hours- through True Detective, Girls, Walking Dead, and Bates Hotel I worked, until finally I could produce something to be shared. It is late, and I am tired.  I just hope this pattern isn't complete nonsense.

Now, perhaps you can help me here. This pattern is untested. I've provided a link to the pdf of the pattern below.  Test it out for me, and let me know if it works, or makes sense. Feel free to make suggestions. Thanks, and happy St. Patrick's Day!