Friday, June 12, 2015

Foxy Baby

I've been experiencing a dry spell, which for me means that I have not crocheted any major projects for a while. I've worked on a tablecloth, made several hot pads, a mat for my cat, cat toys, used scraps to start a blanket, frogged that blanket and started another, and futzed with various other unfinished projects. So when a friend and co-worker requested a baby blanket for an upcoming shower I was grateful for the challenge.

I crocheted a dragon for my friend's baby shower, and had set the bar pretty high. I searched for patterns in hopes of fining at the very least inspiration. I came up short. I took a chance and bought some yarn. She had requested a fox themed blanket, so at the very least I could start with the right colors.

I began the project with no plan. I followed no pattern. The fox, not unlike Michelangelo's David just emerged from the raw materials. One day I might have to sit down and transcribe the patterns I divine, but until then- here is another one of a kind creation.