Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playing by Ear Part II

It makes me proud to know that I can buy a doily at an antique store and then use it as a template to make one myself. I bought this variegated crochet thread on a whim, it just seemed to fit this pattern. I'm pleased with the outcome, but seem once again to have failed to write down the pattern. Perhaps next time.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Is plastic ok?

Whenever I go shopping I am asked, is plastic ok? No, it isn't, is it? But still I smile and say yes, that's fine. And so to assuage my guilt I have begun to obsessively collect these bags. I then began to request that my coworkers give me their bags. My office is stuffed to the gills with newspaper and grocery bags. At home there are bags crammed into every closet, corner and under the bed storage container. My garbage can sits upon a plastic yarn rug. Somewhere in a box or bag or closet there is a partially finished kitty rug made of plastic yarn. I use a bag made of grocery bags to hold other bags, and another bag made of newspaper bags has served as a purse, when needed. But still I cannot keep up with the deluge of plastic.
Still I am determined and that combined with my dogged and obsessive need to crochet will see a great many plastic bags recycled into something useful or even delightful. After all, does't it seem appropriate to create plastic sea creatures? For example this squid... Who admittedly begs for a Nautilus to attack. Perhaps I will get to work on some jelly fish... Right after I make some more progress on my plastic yarn laundry bag.