Friday, April 5, 2013

Breakfast Scarf

When I was new to the work force I was adopted by a mentor.  She was a Special Events manager and was hard to keep up with.  I am eternally grateful that she took me under her wing and feel that my current employer benefited from her efforts.
She used to bring me along to tastings.  She warned me, don't eat everything, you will go into a coma if you do.  The caterer would bring out plate after plate of gorgeous and delicious food.  Not eating everything was a challenge, especially for a poor kid living hand to mouth.  She brought me primarily because she was a vegetarian, and would not taste the meat dishes, but also to share the experience with me as a mentor.  Whatever her reason, I was grateful.  It was certainly the loveliest part of the job.
Frequently she would arrive late to the office with a fast food wrapper in hand.  She loved McDonalds' breakfast sandwiches.  She always got the Egg McMuffin with bacon.  But wait, she was a vegetarian, right? I challenged her on this point once and she helped to clarify for me.  Bacon does not count as meat.
I'm not sure that most vegetarians would agree with her assertion, but I appreciated her logic.  After all, bacon is delicious, and if it were not so then soy products would not be manipulated to imitate it.
So, as I worked on my weekend project I thought of Mary Alice, because in actuality this bacon is not meat.

This pattern was adapted from Twinkie Chan's book of patterns, but if you wanted to buy this scarf you could do so at my Etsy Shop!

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